After almost 23 successful years of service to the self defence and mixed martial arts community through the British Combat Association (BCA), Peter Consterdine 9th Dan and Geoff Thompson 8th Dan have launched a new Association to cater specifically for the interests of the UK Karateka – the British Combat Karate Association (BCKA), which will provide a ‘home’ for the traditional (all styles), freestyle, sports and the more ‘combat’ (jutsu) oriented club or group.

All those clubs and groups that have felt isolated and ignored within the large traditional groups will now be able to find a ‘home’ with an association that understands and encourages all aspects of traditional and modern Karate. Equally, for those groups and clubs that have left behind the ‘mainstream’ organizations some time ago, there is now an association that you can be a part of without any political interference, or restrictions on what you want to learn, or who you want to learn it from.

Check out ‘Our People’ on the menu list to see who is involved in the BCKA and you’ll see that we have strength in depth and a commitment to service.

Although there are many ‘all-styles’ organizations in the UK, few, if any, have our breadth of experience across the permutations of the karate arena and Geoff and Peter have already proved this with what was a groundbreaking organisation, the British Combat Association, probably the most respected mixed/practical martial arts organisation in the UK.

The intention is to repeat this success, but now, specifically, for the Karate community through the BCKA. As anyone knows who has been associated with the BCA, even the mundane is done well such as exceptional admin support – no long wait for your student licences and insurance cover – often back to you by return post. Ask any BCA Instructor about the level of efficiency in the BCA and they will tell you it is the most effectively run organisation they have ever been with. Service levels are measured in days, not weeks, or even months, as in some cases we hear about. You will never need to make an excuse to your students as to where their membership and grading book is. Queries are answered immediately and any help we can be in areas such as syllabus development, or marketing you only need to ask.

Often one of the most difficult things for Instructors to do is construct a syllabus that sensibly incorporates and reflects where the club or group is taking their martial arts. Taking a traditional syllabus and incorporating more combative, or full contact elements is an art in itself and we have years of experience of helping Instructors shape their future training and grading programmes.

From squad training sessions (whatever your discipline), through to Dan gradings, coaching qualifications and specialist combat courses, there is a full range of services. The main purpose, however, is to provide a ‘home’ where everyone feels welcome and can network with other open-minded Karateka. This network has proven invaluable within the BCA and will, no doubt, become a major feature of the BCKA, Whether you are holding a course, arranging a tournament, or hosting an instructor from abroad you will have a substantial network of Instructors and their students to market these to.

Development, growth and change are often considered dirty words in some organisations, but welcome in the BCKA, to the extent that we will encourage and help with it all. In whatever direction an Instructor feels he, or she should be taking their art, or sport, we have someone within the Association who will be able to help and who has been through the process.

For those Instructors who are still operating within the traditional arena, we will be aligned to both the English and Scottish governing bodies, giving access for those competitors who aspire to the highest levels of national competition. We provide all the usual insurances, CRB checks and ‘operational policies’ that are required or are ‘best practice.’

We hear groups talking about “No Politics” whereas its seldom practiced by them in reality and the restrictions they place on Instructors and students are often more draconian than they were in the bad old days of single style organisations. We truly know how to do it without any politics, as we’ve demonstrated with the BCA, which we often hear people say is one of very few the credible organisation in the UK. We place no restrictions on who you train with, grade with, or compete against.

We have a very detailed Information Pack that you can either have sent by post or download from the website. If you want to talk through anything in the first instance then pick up the phone and speak to Peter Consterdine.

British Combat Karate Association

12b, Wellgate, Ossett, WF5 8NS

Tel; 01924 266016

Email; info@britishcombatkarate.co.uk